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Dr. Aleshka Calderon-Santini

Seeing and Experiencing Chiropractic’s Benefits

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Calderon-Santini’s first experience with chiropractic was when her mom sought help after an accident. Despite neck pain and terrible vertigo, the chiropractor was able to show her excellent results.

Dr. Calderon-Santini played soccer on both her college team and the PR National team at the same time. While it was an incredible experience, she suffered from constant low back pain. It took 11 minutes just to get out of bed in the morning! Taking painkillers was an everyday occurrence. Finally, she agreed to see the chiropractor out of desperation. X-rays were taken of her spine, and even Dr. Calderon-Santini could see how out of alignment her pelvis was. “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe I was walking around and playing soccer like that.”

Just a couple of adjustments later, she was relieved of discomfort, felt more flexible and had better posture.

I was a believer after that. I stopped taking all painkillers. It was then I realized I’d be on a mission to help people. I’d always wanted to, but I wasn’t sure what path to take until I saw a chiropractor.”

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Making a Move to Learn More

First, Dr. Calderon-Santini completed her undergraduate education at the University of Puerto Rico, achieving a Bachelor of Science in General Sciences. After, she made the move to the U.S. to attend Life University. Though leaving her family and friends and learning English more fluently were frightening, it was necessary to accomplish her goals. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree there and practiced in the Atlanta area for four years before moving to Minnesota in the summer of 2016 to open Cadence Chiropractic.


Dr. Calderon-Santini is certified Level 1 in the Pierce Results System, the primary technique at Cadence Chiropractic. She is also certified Level 1 and Level 2 in Rock Tape®, a fascial Kinesio® tape.

Enjoying the Seasons of Minnesota

Dr. Calderon-Santini enjoys the cold weather more than the warm season and is excited to try all the winter activities we have to offer in the state. An endurance athlete, she is extremely determined to reach her goals. She takes pride in her perseverance breaking out of her comfort zone. Passionate about chiropractic, she’s happy to be serving the Eden Prairie community.

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