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What to Expect

Welcome to Cadence Chiropractic!

Cadence Chiropractic is a warm, welcoming place where all ages will feel comfortable and relaxed. We invite you to experience our healing care and look forward to meeting you!

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Initial Consultation | First Visit

In order for us to better understand your health history, please complete the required paperwork and bring it with you for your appointment.

At your first visit with us we want to get to know you. We will start by giving you a tour of our office so that you know your way around. Afterwards, the doctor will sit with you, explain the care process, discuss your health history and answer any questions that you may have. This initial consultation typically takes 30 minutes.

If after the initial consultation you’re interested in continuing we will begin the examination process. You can expect the following to help us diagnose what’s causing your health concern.

  • Full spine infrared thermography exam
  • Structural and Motion X-rays if necessary

The Second Visit | Report of Findings

When you return for your Report of Findings, Dr. Amanda will review vital information about how the body works along with your examination results. We’ll discuss any subluxations present and what is involved in correcting them. If you’re comfortable with what your doctor has explained you’ll receive your first adjustment.

Everyone’s body and needs are different, so we’ll look at your body’s ability to adapt and then suggest a care plan that will fit your specific needs.

This visit typically takes 60 minutes.

Your Health is Your Choice

Regardless of your health goals, we understand you’re busy and have a lot going on. So you can decide where you want to spend your time and what your priorities are. It’s our job to suggest care that we think is appropriate for you.

The suggestions we make are to help you achieve the best health you can. It’s up to you to decide which approach you’d like to take from there.

Future Visits

When you return for regular visits, we’ll be respectful of your time and see you promptly. Thanks to our advanced technologies our adjustment times are usually less than 10 minutes.

 Experience the Cadence Chiropractic difference. We look forward to showing you how chiropractic care can improve your life! Contact our team today.

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