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Dr. Amanda Haeg

An Interest in Human Performance

After completing her undergraduate education in athletic training and sports medicine, Dr. Haeg’s career goal was to help others stay active. She moved to Pennsylvania to go to college and played volleyball there. After graduating from New Prague High School, Dr. Haeg moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she completed her undergraduate education in athletic training while playing volleyball at Duquesne University. Dr. Haeg’s career goal was to help others stay active and she began working for the Duquesne athletic training department shortly after graduation. 

While living in Pittsburgh, she was a member of the a women’s football team for five seasons. It was then she experienced her own injury that would change her life’s path.

From Sidelined to Active Again

Unable to walk, let alone run due to a hip injury, Dr. Haeg first tried physical therapy and visiting one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Pittsburgh. After 6 months of therapy, she found herself in the office of a chiropractor who was able to identify the root cause of her chronic injury.

Within two weeks and four adjustments, she could jog without any pain. ‘’It was unbelievable to me that I couldn’t take a full normal stride before. Suddenly, I could move again!” It made Dr. Haeg realize that the underlying cause must be located before any health problem can be addressed and stabilized.

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I’m passionate about finding the root cause of an issue to help people.”

Dr. Haeg made the decision to attend Life University, where she met Dr. Santini. While there, she was a member of and secretary for the Pierce Results System club. She is a licensed LAT/ATC and holds an NASM certificate as a performance enhancement specialist. Additionally, she holds a Level 1 certification in the Pierce Results System.

Returning Home to Practice

Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Haeg spends her spare time with friends and family, catching up after years of being away. She likes to be out in the great outdoors, seeing Minnesota and going on adventures.

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