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Cadence Chiropractic

Eden Prairie Chiropractor Dr. Amanda Haeg is the only chiropractor in our state offering the Pierce Results System. With a specific system of analysis and correction, your care will be tailored to your exact needs, providing you with precisely what will help you get your health back. You won’t find care like this anywhere else.

Along the way, you’ll be fully educated on what we’re doing, why and what you can do to keep your well-being on the right track. With the right information, you’ll be equipped to make the right decisions for you.

Our unique tools include thermography scans, X-rays and video X-rays, all of which will give a deep insight into how best to help you. You’ll receive full explanations and have answers to all your questions. The Pierce Results System is an objective assessment, allowing you to see the results you get from our care. You won’t just feel a difference—you’ll notice it yourself on your progress X-rays!

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