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Practice Member Testimonials



Love! Highly recommend.

Ashley S.

Very Enthusiastic

Very enthusiastic people who want you to feel better.

Paul F.

I Recommend

I would share my experience with my whole family.

Steven G.

Very Hopeful!

I’m very impressed with Cadence and Dr. Amanda! After close to 7 years of chronic neck pain and trying “everything under the sun” to get relief, I’m very hopeful Dr. Amanda can help me!!!

Jennifer F.

Relieving Pressure

After the first adjustment I can already feel pressure relieving. I am very positive this will help years of pain.

Emily T.

Confidence In Her Capabilities

Dr. Amanda knows her information thoroughly. She explains the situation in easy to understand language and displays a high degree of knowledge and confidence in what she communicates to you. This translates into my confidence in her capabilities and being able to help improve my current situation.

Cory M.

Very Hopeful

I am very hopeful that Dr. Amanda and Cadence Chiropractic can help me out long term.

Virg S.

Thank you Dr Amanda!

I will highly recommend you to friends! I’m grateful I met you! I had a great visit & feel wonderful after the first adjustment! Thank you Dr Amanda!

Kathy K.

Cadence Chiropractic | (952) 855-7656