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New Patients

When you walk into Cadence Chiropractic, you’ll enter a comfortable atmosphere that you can relax in. You’ll be warmly greeted when you arrive. We recommend that you fill out the necessary paperwork ahead of time. You don’t need to wear anything special, but please bring your identification and insurance card in so we can check your benefits.

Getting Started

Dr. Haeg will show you around the office and let you know what you can expect today. She’ll ask you about what’s brought you in, taking the time to truly listen to your needs and concerns. You’ll briefly discuss chiropractic and the impact of subluxation on your body’s function. A thermography scan will be taken, followed by X-rays and video X-rays. You’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment and be done in 45 minutes to an hour.

Reviewing the Findings

When you return for a second visit, Dr. Haeg will sit down with you to show you what a normal spine looks like and contrast it with yours. You’ll learn what we recommend moving forward and about the types of care we offer. Payment options will also be covered on this visit, which takes about 30 minutes.

The Three Phases of Care

We welcome people who have all types of difference goals they want to achieve in seeking us out. There are three phases of care to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences:

  • Phase 1. We’ll work to relieve your symptoms of pain.
  • Phase 2. We’ll stabilize your spinal motion and structure.
  • Phase 3. Congratulations—you’ve reached wellness! Now let’s keep you that way.

We’ll Check Your Insurance

Bring your card in so that we can call your insurance company and see what your benefits are. We accept Medicare and all major credit cards, including those for your health savings account. We offer military personnel a 20% discount. If you’re a new patient, we encourage you to take advantage of our $49 special. Contact us today!

New Patients | (952) 855-7656