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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Eden Prairie

Pregnancy woman with partnerWhen you’re expecting, you’re looking for safe, gentle ways to maintain your health and avoid the aches and pains that seem common during pregnancy. Chiropractic is a fantastic solution for pregnant women and their babies. Dr. Haeg at Cadence Chiropractic has the precise techniques that are right for you during each trimester.

Keeping You Aligned During Pregnancy

Seeking chiropractic will offer you several advantages during your pregnancy and birth. When your pelvis is in the proper position, your body can adapt while your baby grows, which will help ensure their development. When your brain and body can communicate as they should, you can experience abundant health.

Your nervous system operating at an optimal level means your baby will get the nutrition and information it needs to grow as he or she should. Many moms are concerned about breech births. We seek to maximize the space your baby has so that they have plenty of room to move into the proper position for birth.

Your Personalized Recommendations

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to care at our office. Instead, we’ll look at your spine, overall function and whether you’ve been under chiropractic care before. When we gather all the information during your comprehensive examination, we’ll make a plan for your individualized care. Our advanced scanning technology will perform an infrared temperature assessment that is safe for expecting moms and gives valuable information about where you need help most.

Webster Technique and the Pierce Results System are both gentle methods appropriate during your pregnancy. When you’re adjusted, we’ll assess your pelvis and ligament tension to ensure your body is adapting to pregnancy. Your adjustments are easily carried out on our specialized tables, which allow you to lie on your belly through all trimesters.

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