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Chiropractic Care

Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae. If they’re not moving like they should, it will affect the muscles and ligaments attached to the bone, as well as the nerves that come out of each bone. At Cadence Chiropractic, our goal is to evaluate your spine and make sure it moves properly so that your nervous system can function at its highest level. As a result, your brain and body can communicate, and you’ll be able to experience your natural healing potential, avoiding injury and illness.

After Your Adjustment

Dr. Haeg’s primary technique is the Pierce Results System. It involves an extremely precise touch applied to a specific area of your spine. If this area hasn’t been moving properly for some time, it’s normal to feel a little stiffness afterward. It’s just like if you work out after a long break and can feel some sore muscles the next day.

Home Recommendations

With a background in athletic training, Dr. Haeg has a broad knowledge base to draw from in providing you with advice. She may recommend postural exercises, stretching or strengthening exercises as a part of your care.

How to Stay Healthy

Some people mistakenly think that if they visit a chiropractor once, they’ll have to keep going for life. We recommend that you reach a level of care where you want to maintain your body’s best function rather than seeking out care only when you’re in pain. Please note, however, that it’s always your choice!

Pierce Results System

This advanced system uses infrared thermography scans, structural X-Rays, video-motion X-Ray and drop table adjusting for a very safe, comfortable, and effective adjustment. As the only practice in the state of Minnesota to specialize in Pierce Results System, we are honored to help our patients dealing with a variety of health challenges find lasting relief and maximized function. Continue reading for more information about our advanced tools.


Pre & Post Thermography scan after ONE specific chiropractic adjustment. *Darker reds and blues indicate the body is not adapting properly. The reduction of dark colors and increase in lighter colors indicates the nervous system is changing and beginning to function better.

Your Nervous System Function

A thermography scan is a non-invasive tool that supplies a wealth of information about how your body is healing. It does so by recording heat patterns that radiate from your body. Thermography scans prior to each adjustment help identify areas of your body that are not healing properly and measure your progress. This allows the doctor to customize your care on each visit to maximize your results as you develop a pattern for better health!


Before (left) and after (right) the initial Active Care phase of specific chiropractic care.

Posture Is a Window To Health

Standard X-Rays make it possible for the doctor to evaluate the overall posture of your spine. A loss of or increase in curvatures outside of normal ranges can lead to improper stress being applied throughout the spine. Without correction, the spinal bones and discs needed for shock absorption may begin to degenerate. Dr. Amanda will analyze these X-Rays and walk through a comparison of your current posture relative to an ideal positioned spine.

Your Spine in Real Time

Providing the best care starts with gathering the most accurate information about your spinal health. Video Motion X-Ray (also called Videofluoroscopy) allows Dr. Amanda to see your spine moving in real time, making it possible to locate areas of restriction and restore motion through specific chiropractic adjustments.
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Drop table adjustment
Drop table adjustments are very comfortable, safe, and effective. The table itself is designed to have a small drop in it. This table has eliminated the need to “twist” or “crack” the spine. Most of our patients are grateful that we use this style of adjusting. We also utilize very specific instrument adjustments with variable force and frequencies to find the perfect combination improves the effectiveness of the adjustment, in both short and long term results. Dr. Amanda will demonstrate what the experience will be like prior to giving an adjustment.

Webster Technique

Dr. Haeg is also certified in the Webster technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. This technique is used to help align the pelvis for expecting mothers. For more information, see the ICPA website here.

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