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Pediatric Chiropractic in Eden Prairie

During your baby’s first years of life, there are incredible leaps and bounds being made in their development. Taking them to a chiropractor who is well-versed in pediatrics will ensure there is no interference in that process. These are stresses in a child’s life starting right from birth. They learn to hold up their head, sit up, crawl and walk. Each stage requires the integration of information from your body to your brain and back up. Dr. Haeg can make sure those communication lines are open and functioning to help your child through all developmental stages.

Your Child’s First Appointment

We have paperwork just for our pediatric patients that you can fill out ahead of time. The type of assessment we’ll do depends on your child’s age. For example, X-rays or video X-rays can only be taken when your child is old enough to stand and take direction. The thermography scan can typically be done on our pediatric patients. This scan shows the temperature of the atlas, the uppermost bone in the spine, to see if the brain is getting all the information it needs from the spinal cord.

When it’s time for your child’s adjustment, if they’re older, we’ll show them the table and what to expect when they lie on it. We can adjust Mom or Dad first while they watch. A lighter touch is used for our pediatric patients, particularly on babies.

Keeping Your Child Comfortable

Our office is a child-friendly place. There are toys around they can play with, and they aren’t required to do anything but be themselves. Dr. Haeg will speak directly with your child at their level, making a connection with them and ensuring they’re part of our process.

Is It True Chiropractic Can Help With Colic?

Colic is often due to a subluxation in the spine. By correcting it, digestive issues, including constipation, can be reduced. With a calm nervous system, your baby’s body can function at its highest level. They’ll be able to rest, play and heal like they should.

Connecting to a New World

Dr. Haeg is passionate about working with newborns. She adjusted her niece and nephew when they were just days old. Even during gentle deliveries, the birthing process puts pressure on the baby’s neck and spine. Chiropractic will restore the spine into proper position so the nervous system can communicate at their best.

There’s much we can do for your baby as they grow, too. One of our favorite stories involved a baby who wasn’t able to feed or sleep with her head rotated to one side. As a result, a flat spot was created. The medical doctor recommended the baby wear a helmet. After a single adjustment with Dr. Haeg, however, the baby started feeding and moving her neck better. Over the next days and weeks, her motion increased. She never did end up needing that helmet!

Free Consultations

Find out more about what chiropractic can do for your family. Contact our office now to schedule a consultation for pediatric chiropractic Eden Prairie!

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