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Sports Chiropractic in Eden Prairie

Mom playing soccer with daughterDr. Haeg is a former football player whose positions ranged from running back to receiver to quarterback. It was while quarterbacking that she was sacked and twisted in the form of a modified split. Unable to walk or run without pain, she wasn’t sure what to do. Giving up being active in her mid-twenties wasn’t an option Dr. Haeg was prepared to explore.

Instead, she sought out chiropractic. Once Dr. Haeg had an adjustment using the Pierce Result’s System, it was just two weeks before she was jogging again. This experience led her to become a chiropractor and focus on this technique, which isn’t found elsewhere in the state.

Where Chiropractic Comes In

Much of athletic training work focuses on flexibility, strength and balance. Though all three components are vital, if your spine isn’t moving as it should, the muscles, tendons and nerves can’t properly engage. Taking an approach to the body from the outside in, as the traditional medical model does with medications, doesn’t address improper movement patterns. With such an approach, a future injury is likely.

Instead, chiropractic focuses on getting your spine positioned and moving as it should be. Then, flexibility, balance and strength can be brought in with supportive work, amplifying your coordination. You’ll be able to reach a higher level of healing, function and performance.

How We Help Active People

When you’re faster, stronger and more flexible, your overall performance will improve. You don’t need to have an injury to seek out chiropractic care. If you do have an injury, however, it’s a great place to get started. We’ll make sure your body moves as best it can while you heal so that you’re set up for success and have a reduced likelihood of recurrence.

Just Like the Pros

All over the professional sports world, athletes, including Michael Jordan and Sidney Crosby, are crediting their chiropractor for keeping them at the top of their game. Contact us today to book a consultation for sports chiropractic Eden Prairie!

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