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Chiropractic Care

At Cadence Chiropractic, you’ll find us to be unlike any other office you’ve ever been to. Dr. Haeg utilizes the Pierce Results System, where only the areas of your spine that need adjustments are focused on.

With a focus on your spinal health, we use pre and post objective measurements to track your progress. We not only want you to feel better, but we also want you to be able to see the changes that we are making to make sure your body is as strong and healthy as possible. Our goal is to remove the true, underlying cause of your pain through spinal corrections, so you can heal naturally.

Pierce Results System

This advanced system uses video-fluoroscopy, motion X-Ray and drop table adjusting for a very safe, comfortable, and effective adjustment. read more…

Webster Technique

Dr. Haeg is certified in the Webster technique. This technique is used to help align the pelvis for expecting mothers. read more…

Gentle Adjusting

We focus on spinal correction in our office using advanced, gentle adjusting. We don’t use any twisting or cracking. We’ll demonstrate to practice members what the experience will be like prior to giving an adjustment.


Enhance your body’s natural abilities with chiropractic care. Book your time with our knowledgeable team today!


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